Confessions of the Ghost

I am a ghost, but a good ghost. I help worried, miserable and stressed-out people. They might not be that much worried, but still I am ready to solve their problems. I am like genie from Aladdin’s lamp and when he rubs the lamp, I appear. Students ask me to write them essay that their professor assigned to them. They look worried and one was once crying because he couldn’t write it as well as his professor asked and he had already made his attempts in vain. He felt he will certainly get flunked if he didn’t write that essay as per demand this time. Now, I am an expert in writing essays and I have a kind heart too because of which I do not charge students too high, but only nominal because you see, I also need money to survive in this world.

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Student is more than glad to give me money as he trusts me that I am going to provide him with first class paper. Of course, I will. I do not dance usually but I do all kinds of moves including belly-dance and hip hops when I see a wide smile on face of student I was able to help. I am surprised at myself that why I dance only when I see student getting an “A” in essay I wrote and do not as much feel like dancing when student gives me money for doing his essay. I should feel happier when receiving money, it is more important. Right?

May be I am made that way. I thrive on quality of essay writing services I provide. Better I write, the more I bloom and the bigger of a person I feel. You might not believe me because other genies are not much like me. They do a dance party high up in clouds when they receive huge amounts of money in advance from worried students. They get so busy partying up there for so many days that they forget to come down until the essay’s deadline. The loud music and height of sky from earth makes reminding cries of the student go unheard. Miserable kid turns even more miserable after that.

I find that utterly shameful and disgusting to play with anybody’s trust. I am not just any ghost, but “the ghost”. You can always rely on me for essay writing services because I am available online 24/7. Because you see, I do not sleep and neither do I believe in partying high up in clouds.


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